Italy KIIAN Sublimation Ink

    Italy KIIAN Sublimation Ink

    2017-07-13 handler 253

    Italy KIIAN Sublimation Ink

    Water-based ink, Environmentally friendly

    1.Mositure,easy to dry no water ripple.

    2.Suitbale to use a varitey of photo printer ,such as Mutoh,Roland,Mimaki,Epson.

    3.Color is bright,vivid,natural,stable and durable


    Italy KIIAN Sublimation Ink

    4.Clear pictures and text ,leaving no trace

    5.Smooth performance,does not plug nozzle

    6.Water fastness and light fastness reach 4 to 5 garde.

    7.Low cost per square meter of ink consumption than other similar ink amount is less than 30%,it is the first choice for high quality custormers.

    Kiian E-gold,HI-pro,Elite digital sublimation ink is suitable to use in DX-7 and DX-5 printer head.