2017-07-13 handler 87

    P-Press High speed cotton digital printer

    Product Specifications

    High quality mode: 720 * 1440dpi 30 square meters / hour

    Standard mode: 360 * 1440dpi 60 square meters / hour

    High speed mode: 360 * 720dpi 120 square meters / hour

    Ink: support for 4 colors, 6 colors, 8 colors, coating, active ink and heat sublimation ink

    RIP:Texprint,seeget,Photoprint etc.

    Size: 2100*2400*1500mm

    Printer Head: KONICA KM1024IMAE-C 13PL

    Printing size:max width is 1.85 meters


    Weight:1300 KG

    Fabric:support for  cotton, silk, nylon, polyester and other fabric printing